poniedziałek, 14 maja 2018

xGenerator for sitecore 9

The aim of this post is to show how you can easily generate random traffic on you web page, using xGenerator for sitecore 9.

After installing the sitecore 9, I needed dummy data in experience profile and experience analytics to check how data are displayed and confirm that everything is configure in a proper way.
I used generator that already exists to derive data for sitecore 8, but rebuilding was necessary in order to use it in sitecore 9.

New solution uses xconnect client api in sitecore 9, generate analytical data and save it in sql server database. On the picture below you can see how xgenerator works.

  •  Download xGenerator module from source, which you can find on Github .
  •  Copy the assemblies from Sitecore XP 9 to the "Components" folder in the solution root path
  • Deployment to Sitecore XP 9 instance:
    1. Open src\ExperienceGenerator.Client\App_Config\Include\ExperienceGenerator\zExperienceGenerator.DevSettings.config" and change "experienceGeneratorSource" variable to xGenerator source location
    2. Open "src\publishsettings.targets" and change publishUrl to the Sitecore host name
    3. Perform Web publish for all web projects in solution using "local" profile
    4. Go to the %isntanceName%/unicorn.aspx page and synchronize "ExperienceGenerator" configuration building the installation package requires Sitecore Rocks.
           The package definition is in ExperienceGenerator.Client\ExperienceGenerator.package.
           You need to point it to a Sitecore install with Experience Generator installed to build the          package.

          During the data generation I used the following objects:

    Contact with facets:
    • PersonalInformation
    • EmailAddressList
    • AddressList
    • PhoneNumberList
    • Avatar
    Interaction with facets:
    • UserAgentInfo
    • IpInfo
    • WebVisit
    • LocaleInfo

    More detailed information about  xConnect you can find here : doc 

    Experience analytics result